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Tips on adult Protection from the participants in the seminar held on 26/5/04

At the end of the course the participants was asks to give their top tips for Protecting Vulnerable Adults. For further information refer to Surrey's Multi-agency Procedures and other best practice documents on the site

Top TipsAction
Prevention is better than CurePut in place Clear Procedures
Enhanced CRB checks for all staff including volunteers
Management/Trustees need to be on board and clear how important this is
Be clear that agency staff know how to report abuse or suspected abuse e.g. have a policy relating to agency staff & Adult Protection, have a contract with the agency specifying Adult Protection procedures & reporting Protocols.
Establish Trust with StaffBuild trust with staff – ensure whistle blowing policy in place, make adult protection issues are a regular part of supervision, give support to staff who report suspected abuse. Let staff know that procedures are there to protect clients and staff
Adult Protection ‘Champions’Encourage Adult Protection Champions within an organisation – People who will take extra interest in drafting or reviewing relevant policies and procedures and be the ‘experts’ in the organisation
Involve all staffAll staff in an organisation have a role to pay in Adult Protection, from the Finance Manager to a front line key worker. Involve all in reviewing procedures and Training
Involve all service UsersEnsure that service users know how to report abuse or suspected abuse. Try to explore the issues in an interesting way. Perhaps invite guests e.g. police to meetings, combine meetings with other activities such as meals or disco’s. Make leaflets, useful phone no.’s and contacts available to service users
Keep reiterating the issues – Don’t just leave the policy on the shelfStaff and service users need refresher training on a regular basis, and to be alerted of any changes.