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The College Of St.Barnabas
The College of St. Barnabas is based in Lingfield and provides supported permanent Homes for: 1) Clergy of the Church of England and of Churches in full communion with it, 2) Full time Church Workers licensed by a Bishop,3) Overseas missionaries working for or sponsored by a recognised Anglican missionary body, 4) Readers licensed by a Bishop, 5) The spouses, widows and widowers of members of 1 to 4 above, 6) Those in communion with the Church of England and who over at least the last five years are able to verify their active worship through their local parish priest.

The College Of St. Barnabas


Accommodation Based Service

Older People With Support Needs

  • Advice, Advocacy And Liaison
  • Cleaning Of Own Rooms As Defined Under Thbs
  • Emotional Support, Counselling And Advice
  • Help In Establishing Personal Safety And Security
  • Help In Establishing Social Contacts And Activities
  • Help In Managing Finances And Benefit Claims
  • Help In Setting Up And Maintaining Home Or Tenancy
  • Peer Support And Befriending
  • Supervising Or Monitoring Medication
  • Supervision And Monitoring Of Health And Well Being

65-74, 75-84, 85-94, 95+

No Specific Exclusions: Decided On Case By Case Basis