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Links in the top menu bar

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- This allows you to view the site as text only without any graphics or colours


- Give an A-Z listing of what is on the site

Contact Us

- Allows you to e-mail the Surrey Supporting People Team directly


- Gives some useful hints and tips on how to use the site


- This allows service and providers to log into the password protected areas of the site

Search Site

- The facility to search the site using key words and phrases

Links in the side menu


- Website Home Page, introducing the site

About Us

- Information about Supporting People in Surrey and all of the partners involved

Training and Events

- Find information about training and events related to Supporting People

Notice Board

- The notice board will flag up the latest Supporting People News such as changes in procedures or announcements from the ODPM

Good Practice

- The Good Practice library provides templates for policies and procedures which service providers may find useful

Related Sites

- Links to other useful sites such as the ODPM and SITRA

Password Protected Areas where a login and password are needed

Directory of Services

- This gives a directory of services that Supporting People in Surrey contracts with. It contains other useful information such as contact details.


- This is an area where service providers and partners can discuss themes related to the supporting People Programme, ask for advice from colleagues or put questions to the Supporting People Team


- This area allows service support providers to view and download their payment schedules. Payment schedules are private to each provider organisation ( secure via their password).
- It also allows the downloading of Supporting People Form templates and the uploading of completed forms, such as Performance Indicator returns.
- Service Providers can view documents they have uploaded to the site.